THINCE – Secure thin client

THINCE is designed to solve dierent problems caused by the client computers with distinct characteristics.
With THINCE, the goal is to create a single character, in end-user device space, while eliminating connection related
problems and provide reports and insight about usage. This helps to decrease your initial investment cost and also
improve operational processes.
With dierent connectivity options, THINCE allows secure remote connections.This unique feature allows us to reduce
connection costs and minimize the time and eort to implement centralized connections. Users can connect from
anywhere in the world to their corporate network and access to their virtual desktops.
Trac flow through the connections created by THINCE is end-to-end encrypted. That allows to protect corporate trac,
with highest industry standart crypto and VPN technologies; and connect the user to their infrastructure by eliminating
the need for costly point-to-point connections.